Everything you need to know about our charter yachts.

What is an all-inclusive yacht vacation?

All-inclusive means your yacht includes a captain, chef, and other crew as dictated by the size of your group and the captain's decision. Your all-inclusive yacht vacation includes three meals per day, full bar, water toys, snacks, and deck amenities.

What is APA?

A yacht that charges an APA, is not offering an all-inclusive vacation. The APA is the Advanced Provisioning Allowance. This is common on mega yachts and European charter experiences. The APA is an additional expense of 25-35% which covers all your meals, beverages, fuel and any expense related to the charter experience. Your captain will keep track of your expenses during the charter and keep you apprised of the remaining budget. Typically, funds are returned as you may not use the entire allowance during your week-long charter.

What is not included?

Special and vintage wines, champagne, and some yachts require dockage and license fees paid by the client. A customary 15-20 percent crew gratuity. Travel/trip insurance is not included but is recommended particularly for summer Caribbean trips.

What is the duration of a yacht charter?

One week, 7 nights/8 days is the typical charter period however shorter charters are acceptable. Shorter charters do incur a “short charter penalty”. To determine the cost, you can take the weekly price and divide by 6 then multiply by the number of nights you wish to charter. Short term-charters do need to be approved by the owner of the boat.

What should I bring for a yacht vacation?

Soft-sided luggage (duffel bags) is a great idea as storage on most sailing yachts is limited and big hard-sided suitcases or wheeled suitcases are difficult to store. Bathing suits are the mainstay of your wardrobe. Bring 3-4 suits as you will be wearing them most of the time. Hats are a good idea also as you will be in the sun a lot. You do not need to bring beach towels as they will be provided. Bring only creamy sunscreens as oily lotions and spray lotions can stain the wood and fabric on the yacht. Bring your camera!

Let’s not forget your passports. Make sure that your passport is valid for more than six months from your travel date. This often catches our clients by surprise. Also, we recommend that you make a copy of your passport and leave it home in case you lose your passport while abroad.

What type of shoes do I need?

Flips flops, water shoes or deck shoes are the best. You will be barefoot on the yacht. If you plan on hiking bring proper shoes as well. If going barefoot on the boat is a problem, we recommend bringing a brand new pair of deck shoes or flip flops that you only wear on the deck of the boat during your time on the boat.

What forms of money should I bring with me?

Most everywhere the yachts venture accept credit cards, cash, and traveler's checks. ATMs can be limited to smaller more remote islands. Don’t forget to bring enough cash to tip the crew. The typical crew gratuity is 15-20%. This is best done at the end of the charter with a thank you note or card given to the captain.

What type of activities should I expect on a yacht charter?

Each yacht comes equipped with its own equipment but typical equipment includes snorkel gear, water skis, kayaks, paddleboards, float mats, and fishing gear. Onshore activities can include tennis, spa treatments, hiking, and golf. If you have a special interest (like surfing or kiteboarding) let us know – we can get that on board the yacht also!

What type of food and drinks can I get on my yacht charter?

The menus are designed around your food preferences. Before your departure, you will complete a preference sheet identifying your likes and dislikes. Your professionally trained onboard chef will prepare meals centered around your preferences. Your meals will be part of the fantastic memories you take from your yacht charter. Our chefs can handle any specialty diet needed by guests. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets are commonplace on yacht charters as long as you let us know in advance. The chefs can also prepare child-friendly dishes for the younger guests in your charter group.

Can I use my cell phone?

Check with your cell phone service provider about the fees associated with usage.

Do the yachts have wifi?

Most yachts do have some type of wifi connectivity for your use. However, we can not guarantee the viability of the signals at all times. Further, some yachts now charge a base fee for wifi if usage exceeds a certain amount. These charges typically only apply to download or multiple guests streaming videos.
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