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The Mediterranean is divided into western and eastern parts both with enjoyable beaches, hidden coves, abundance of historical sites and majestic ports that house luxury yachts. The staff at Envy Yacht Charters makes regular visits each year to Greece and Croatia to view the charter yachts and thus we feel our experience is well established in those countries. We also have experience with charters in Turkey, Italy and France.

Croatia is described as a beautiful island country with a fantastic history, UNESCO heritage sites, rich culture, fresh cuisine, and the best way to experience all of this is through a yacht ride. Top city highlights include Brac, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Split, and Trogir.

Greece provides unparalleled cruising grounds with white sand beaches peppered with varying architecture throughout the various island chains. The Cyclades Islands provide an opportunity to indulge in beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife of Mykonos. A charter in this region is the most popular for Envy Yacht Charter clients. Other island chains offering varied itineraries are Ionian, Dodacanese and Peloponnese.

When we think of The Mediterranean, the Sea and the diet probably come to mind first. But, the Mediterranean is more than that: it’s a biogeographical region composed of seven member states, an influential climate, and unique biodiversity with some species that do not exist anywhere else. The states include France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus.

For more information regarding the Turkey, France, and Italy destinations, contact us.

Croatia History & Activities:

An island country, Croatia is renowned for its fascinating history, inclusive culture, and lively atmosphere. Considered an Eastern Mediterranean paradise, the best way to explore this country is by means of a yacht charter. Among the favorite yacht charter destinations, Croatia has exciting surprises on all sides of the island, from bustling hot spots to secluded hideaways, so there is something there for every personality and desire. Some fun activities to look forward to in Croatia include water activities, fine Mediterranean cuisine, visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and national parks.

You can snorkel, dive, and sunbathe in crystal clear waters and on a variety of beautiful beaches. Or you can enjoy various water activities with the fun amenities and extras aboard your yacht. If you’ve ever wanted to be in the presence of fascinating Mediterranean sea life, this is a great opportunity!

Chartering a Croatian yacht means you are treated to the perk of having your own personal chef on board! These chefs are highly trained with years of experience in preparing high-quality Mediterranean dishes made from the best and finest ingredients from local sources. Croatia’s coastal region is known for its fresh seafood, fish, salads, and vegetables, along with locally produced olive oil, resulting in a strong Mediterranean influence.

Croatia has its own seven special UNESCO World Heritage Sites that tell the story of culture, art, and religion that you can visit on your yacht charter adventure. These sites are located in some of Croatia’s best-known cities including Sibenik, Trogir, Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, providing exceptional opportunities to learn about the country’s history and its people.

There are a multitude of beautiful national parks in Croatia where you can marvel at their natural beauty. Some parks consist of several islands, reefs, and cliffs, some have significant cultural attractions such as monasteries, and others are great for hiking. Whether you love natural land and water formations, flora and fauna, or more casual versus interactive activities when you visit a national park, Croatia has a healthy variety that provides endless appreciation.

Croatia Itinerary:


Start in Trogir

Trogir is an ancient island that was developed by the Greeks and Romans before the Croats began transforming the island into what we’re familiar with today. Through various museums, vaults, art collections, and old libraries, you too can follow the continuity of life and times of man in these parts, where the sun and the sea, the rocks and the tradition merged with life.


Travel to Split

Known to be the largest town in Dalmatia, Split has long been an important commercial and transit trade center. Thanks to its exceptional cultural monuments and tourist attractions including interesting museums and galleries, Split has become an inevitable tourist destination for Mediterranean cruises.



Brac is the perfect destination in Croatia to enjoy the water and sand. This island is famously known for its white pebble beach where white limestone is ever-present. We typically anchor in Milna for the night before moving on to Hvar.


Travel to Hvar

Famous for its liveliness, party vibes, and also its wines, we find people typically want to spend a couple of days on Hvar. Our luxury yacht charter will anchor in the off-lying Pakleni islands during the day and will return to Hvar town in the evening for a night’s entertainment.


Travel to Vis

There are a few spots in Vis that are worth visiting and we often anchor near one of the many bays where unique cave formations reside. The Blue Cave and Blue Grotto are some of the most popular places to visit on the island of Vis.


Travel to Korcula

Korcula is a unique wooded island with immense historical, cultural, and traditional heritage to celebrate. There are many Gothic and Renaissance buildings, palaces, churches, streets, and squares that make up Korcula and can be visited by travelers.


End in Dubrovnik

Located in southern Croatia, this is one of the most prominent islands in the Adriatic Sea. Its Old Town with massive stone walls is a tremendous historical attraction that we highly recommend seeing.

Greece History & Activities:

Greece is well known for many things - its islands, its mythology, its hospitality, activities you can enjoy, and unmatched beauty. Surrounded by beautiful waters, people come to Greece to enjoy a yacht experience like no other. The Greek Islands are a blend of history and modern-day culture. Explore the islands under blue skies and relax in the evening with a glass of wine as you watch the sunset. Once you’ve experienced Greece, you'll want to return again and again, to learn more about its ancient beginnings and discover something new!

Athens: Athens is the capital of Greece. With a history that dates back 3400 years, Athens today is one of the must-see cities of the world. Walk the ancient ruins of temples and museums by day then relax and enjoy the local cafes and bars at night. You can stroll along the seaside or meander among the many neighborhood shops, some offering high couture.

Santorini: Santorini is known as the Black Pearl of the Aegean Sea as you can see by its black pebble beaches and black sandy coves. Trek up the side of Tholos Naftilos, the now dormant volcano for amazing views of the surrounding area. Excellent galleries host the work of contemporary artists while history lovers can find plenty of ancient ruins and museums. Santorini also hosts a variety of dive sites for all levels of ability.

Mykonos: Mykonos is characterized by its bright white buildings, brilliant blue skies and warm gold-sand beaches. Adventure awaits both on the land and in the water. Museums, churches, and windmills are icons that distinguish this city from others. Mykonos is another fantastic place to visit for diving fanatics to swim amongst the sea creatures.

And that's just three of the many Greek islands you can visit!

Greece Itinerary:


Start in Athens

Athens is highly centered around tourism making it one of the busiest islands in Greece. This is where your Greece luxury yacht charter will begin. Here you can expect to see ancient historical buildings, blue waters, and a bustling cityscape.


Travel to Poros

In Poros, guests are free to explore and wander the streets like locals, listening to Greek music, window shopping, and dining in one of the many open-air restaurants. After enjoying a night in Poros, your luxury yacht charter will travel down to the island of Hydra.


Travel to Hydra

Hydra is known as one of the most beautiful ports in Greece. No cars are allowed on the island so travel is done solely through boats, mules, and by foot. Guests enjoy Hydra due to its serene atmosphere and quiet environment. If you’re looking for relaxation, you’ll find it on the island of Hydra.


Travel to Spetses

Spetses is similar to Hydra in the sense that automobiles are not permitted on the island. Travel is done by horse, foot, or moped and the city consists mostly of stone-paved streets and homes that date back to neoclassical times. This island is a bit older and less exciting than some of the others, but gorgeous all the same.


Travel to Astros

Astros is an ideal island to visit for a fun little getaway. The bay here is perfect for boaters eager to dock in the water and enjoy the calm ocean waters. The views here are also amazing with one of the most popular destinations being the castle which was built on Venetian fortress remains.


Travel to Leonidio

Leonidio is an elegant island known for projecting opulence and a sense of wealth. The local homes include a variety of mansions and the historic architecture has been preserved as a local treasure in the area.


Travel to Aegina

Beginning your way back towards Athens, you’ll first stop in Aegina where you’ll enjoy scenic cruising as your yacht charter makes its way through the Aegean Sea. Aegina is incredibly well-preserved and provides a unique experience during your Greece trip as we stop off to swim, snorkel and play in the water.


End in Athens

Your luxury yacht charter will end where it began - back in Athens. You can take a nice shore tour of Athens before heading to the airport or stay aboard your yacht charter until you’re ready to leave! The choice is yours.
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