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Scuba Diving Liveaboards

Novice to experienced divers will find that scuba diving vacations aboard a private crewed yacht charter combine luxury, convenience, and safety into the ultimate dive vacation. Envy Yacht Charters will make your diving friends “eNVious” when you compare stories of your scuba diving private liveaboards to the traditional scuba diving vacation. Think of your crewed charter yacht as your floating dive hotel. With worldwide locations, our yachts are ready to find a spectacular site just for your group!

Our specialty in scuba diving liveaboards come from years of experience working at consumer dive shows across the country as well as industry-only dive shows such as DEMA! No other charter yacht brokers have such an established presence in the scuba diving industry.

With a private yacht dive charter, you and your friends will dive when you want and where you want on these luxury scuba vacations. Easy and convenient, scuba diving liveaboards make every dive a rewarding and fascinating experience with no lines or crowded dive sites. Our luxury scuba vacations can accommodate all levels of interest in scuba diving. A resort course on a charter yacht is exceptional compared to a course offered in a resort/hotel pool. Open Water Certifications are a common request for many vacationers aboard our yachts. The convenience and luxury afforded on a yacht charter vacation are incomparable for experienced divers looking to upgrade their qualifications.

Scuba Diving Vacation Packages

Most charter yachts are equipped with onboard compressors, tanks, and full dive gear. With our scuba diving vacation packages, your crew can include Dive Instructors or Dive Masters, depending on your particular needs. Some yachts offer carry snorkel equipment like masks and fins. Just tell the professionals at Envy Yacht Charters what your group needs, and we will choose from our scuba diving vacation packages to suit your needs.

Why not add on a flotilla in your scuba diving vacation package? A flotilla is a group of several yachts that travel to the same destination or anchorage each day. The staff at Envy Yacht Charters has worked with many yachts to offer incredible savings, and one of a kind offers to dive groups and their organizers. Call now to take luxury scuba vacations to the next level and learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Our scuba diving vacation packages offer custom-tailored schedules and unparalleled personal instruction on our charter yachts. The great news is that not all members of your group need to be at the same level or even share your love of scuba diving. The crew can accommodate different activities for every member of your group, making it the perfect scuba diving vacation!

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