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From first time charterers to experienced charter clientele, we can help guide you.
yacht charter vacations

Adventure Travel

Let your yacht broker at Envy Yacht Charters know if you have Adventure Travel interests for any upcoming yacht charter vacations. Many charter yachts available have special adventure travel interests too! Beyond our extensive fleet of scuba diving yachts and snorkeling adventures, we have yachts that offer: 

• ASA Sailing Instruction 
• Windsurfing Lessons
• Kitesurfing Lessons 
• Surfing
• International Sailing Regatta Participating (Rolex and Heineken Races, to name a few!)
• Freediving 

The best part of yacht charter vacations is that your entire group does not have to have the same activity interests or experience. From novice levels to advanced experience, we can help guide you to the best yacht option for you.

Family Luxury Travel

Crewed yacht charters are excellent for memorable family vacations. The brokers at Envy Yacht Charters can find the perfect yacht for you if you are planning a family reunion, a multiple family vacation, or just your immediate family. Whether you fit on a single charter yacht or if we arrange a flotilla (a group of yachts traveling together) for your family luxury travel vacation, it's clear that this will be the trip of a lifetime!

Your family can partake in an abundance of water activities. Kayaking, water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming are just a few activities you can do on your family luxury travel. Join in on the fun or watch from a deck-side chair – have a camera ready, though, because you will want to capture the endless smiles.

Each day your yacht will set off for a new destination. Maybe a little competitive race among the yachts if traveling in a flotilla? Who knows? At the end destination, your group will rejoin and enjoy a day of water activities or beachcombing. The day's destination can be selected so that larger groups can enjoy dinner ashore to recap the day's memories.  

Clients that have experienced our family luxury travel services have repeatedly expressed that the single most memorable part of the vacation is having everyone together in one place. Waking up and having breakfast as a family to start the day before each individual enjoys their particular activity for the day is priceless, and enjoying meals together allows everyone the opportunity to regale each other with stories of their adventure from the day. End the night with group star gazing or games played on the deck. We are sure you will accumulate memories to last a lifetime.
yacht charter vacations

Group Travel

Group vacations aboard a private charter yacht allow a cohesiveness that is lost at larger hotels, resorts, or a cruise ship. Daily activities are easily arranged as meeting times, and transportation to an excursion is nonexistent. Jump in the water, grab the camera, and enjoy your family/group vacation.

The beauty of a yacht charter vacation is not having to worry about organizing your everyday activities. Everyone can relax and enjoy the luxury of a crewed yacht charter! The charter crew is not only professionals in the hospitality industry but also professionals on the water.

A highlight to consider when thinking of your family vacation on a crewed yacht charter is the experience's exclusiveness. The WOW factor! Uncrowded beaches, nonexistent lines for activities, gourmet meals fixed to your specifications...the list goes on and on!

A yacht vacation, more importantly, provides quiet bonding time. As the sun sets and a sumptuous dinner has been enjoyed, you can sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful views. Or grab some popcorn and watch a movie from the salon or deck of your yacht. Pirates of the Caribbean, perhaps? Every yacht comes with an extensive movie/video collection to satisfy every viewing taste.
Team Building. Time on the water is the ultimate team-building exercise. Ask America's Cup competitors about their secret to success, and it always focuses on capable team and crew. This type of effect can be replicated with team-building exercises with your corporate team aboard a yacht charter vacation. The cohesiveness of the groups allows better communication, swifter actions, immediate decision making, and easier delegation of responsibility.

When your corporate reward program involves more than one yacht, we can engage your employees in more team-building with match races among the yachts in the flotilla. Or we can arrange for your employees to participate in a scheduled regatta and test their skills against other amateurs.

Corporate Retreat/Board Meetings. Get out of the office for your next Board meeting. A relaxing environment can provide the necessary tool to allow free-flowing conversation and generation of ideas. A corporate yacht charter is ideal for a private discussion. Each day will provide relaxation but also the opportunity to supplement the day's activities with a daily meeting, a team-building exercise, or a video conference.

Corporate Vacations

Whether you seek to impress your clients or reward your valued employees with an incentive travel reward, a vacation on a crewed yacht charter is unsurpassed in the recognition category. Motivational indeed! Your sales force will produce incredible results when a private yacht charter is the incentive reward.

Envy Yacht Charters can also offer private and undisturbed surroundings for a board meeting. Many of our yachts are equipped with state of the art electronics and office media to support a corporate retreat or conference. Whether you choose a luxurious mega yacht or the casual elegance of a catamaran, your most deserving employees will be motivated to provide continued outstanding performances. Outstanding service is the hallmark of every private yacht charter, and anyone participating in this travel will covet the experience.

Incentive Travel. Keeping productive and satisfied employees is difficult. The selection of an incentive and reward program is paramount to your success in recognizing your employees' outstanding service. Your corporate incentive program should be innovative and unique too. A yacht charter is a perfect answer. Celebrate your success with your best employees; whether that group is small as six or grows to over 100, we have a yacht charter for your group. Your best employees deserve indulgences; they want a quality, stylish product that will grab their attention and motivation. Envy Yacht Charters offers excellence and quality in the corporate reward travel arena.

Entertaining Clients. Whether you seek to entertain clients for a week or just for a day, a private yacht charter makes an unparalleled statement.

Budget. There are price ranges for every group budget. Whether it is a single yacht or a flotilla of ten yachts, your group will find luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, and a trip full of memories to last a lifetime. Envy Yacht Charters can tailor your per-person expenses to fit most incentive budgets as the selection and size of the yacht can be managed accordingly.

Honeymoon Travel

A unique and romantic honeymoon vacation awaits you on a private crewed yacht charter. The tranquility of the beautiful crystal clear water and the privacy aboard your yacht provides an unparalleled honeymoon experience.

Imagine secluded beaches perfect for a picnic—candlelit dinners and watching the sunset sipping cocktails on the deck of your private yacht.

Whatever your dreams are for your honeymoon vacation, a yacht charter can fulfill everyone. From relaxing sandy coves to visiting vibrant beach bars to sophisticated shopping or enjoying energetic water activities, your honeymoon on a private charter has much more to offer than a hotel or resort vacation. Do as little or as much as you want on your honeymoon. Enjoy the privacy and freedom you desire!

A yacht charter provides that unique and unforgettable honeymoon that you have been striving to find. The “wow factor” is unsurpassed and will make every other newly married couple envy you. The best news is that it is all-inclusive and you will not have to worry about a single detail. Your professional crew will pamper you and make this an unforgettable romantic vacation.

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