April 26, 2022

As Cruise Vacations Falter, Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations Flourish

For many people, a vacation spent at sea is the perfect way to explore beautiful coastal destinations and soak up the open ocean. There are two major options for a seafaring experience: either a cruise ship or a luxury yacht charter

Though the reputation of yacht charters being reserved for the wealthy has made them appear like an unattainable dream vacation, they’re much more affordable than they’re made out to seem in the media. This makes them a great contender for the ideal at-sea adventure right along with cruise ships. However, what cruise ships lack in privacy and flexibility, all-inclusive yacht charters supersede. 

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Cruise Ships vs. Luxury Yacht Charters

Major cruise lines have strict itineraries and serve thousands of people at a time, with typical amenities like pools and hot tubs, casinos, and family-friendly activities. Due to the high number of passengers on cruise ships and the reasonable fears of catching a virus or illness, cruise vacations are declining significantly. As people are choosing to avoid a crowded experience, private yacht charter vacations to the Caribbean and Mediterranean have become quite popular. 

While cruises offer a unique way to travel, they provide a very cookie-cutter type of vacation. Dining, excursions, and activities are not done on your own terms. And while there are many desirable amenities onboard to take part in, they’re typically overcrowded and hard to get to. If an amenity is always in use, there’s no way you’d be able to fully experience or even enjoy it. Schedules to certain destinations also work in the same way. And though meals are provided, you have to wait in long lines to be served.

Contrarily, luxury yacht charters offer various unique benefits that cruise ships simply cannot. Rarely are you able to take a vacation with such privacy as what an all-inclusive yacht provides, which makes it a much more desirable mode of travel.

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All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Advantages 

A luxury yacht charter works for everyone’s vacation needs as it’s intimate, safe, and allows for a flexible itinerary. Getting a one-on-one experience while on a cruise ship is near impossible based on the number of people and amenities. With our services, each yacht is crewed with a captain and chef, and possibly additional crew members depending on the size of the yacht, to give your group personal and attentive service. Other advantages of booking an all-inclusive yacht charter include:

  • Charter Diving - This is a great way to experience the world above and below the water’s surface. Dive yacht charters offer all of the equipment you need to explore the underwater world right from the comfort of your lodging. 
  • Food - Cruise ships do provide all of your meals during your stay, but you don’t get to choose the meals served and you have to wait in long buffet lines. Luxury yacht charters provide food made to preference which is determined by each guest prior to the vacation. Guests will fill out preference sheets prior to charter so the chef can prepare what they want for their meals.
  • Included Activities - When booking a yacht charter, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to go snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, or tubing. These amenities are all included onboard and are there to be used at your leisure.
  • Choose Your Schedule - While cruise ships follow a rigid schedule created by the cruise line, yacht charters allow you to enjoy meals, activities, and relaxation on your own time. There are no lines or sign-up sheets to worry about and everything is all private.  
  • Flexibility - Unlike cruise lines, you’re able to adjust your itinerary throughout the week to accommodate weather changes or your preferences for that day. This gives you and your travel group the ability to do more of what you want when you want. 
  • Choose Your Travel Group - With cruise ships, there are hundreds of people around, most of which are strangers to you. When you book a luxury yacht charter, you choose who your travel partners are. 

While yacht charters do not offer highly unique amenities like onboard casinos, Broadway show revues, or the ability to visit multiple countries in a single week, this hasn’t been a problem for our travelers. There are plenty of board and card games on deck for guests to play and the Sonos music system can be amped up to blast your favorite tunes for an impromptu dance party under the stars. And not to mention, your yacht charter will travel through multiple island destinations throughout the week. 

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Book A Luxury Yacht Charter with Envy 

When booking a luxury yacht charter, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. A yacht charter broker will not only vet the best yacht charter to suit your vacation needs and wants but they’ll also ensure you get it for the best price. From sailboats to catamarans, motor, and megayachts, you’ll love the private liveaboard options available! 

Learn more about how you can experience an all-inclusive yacht for your next vacation with experienced yacht charter broker Nancy Van Winter. 

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